Marvel's "The Avengers" has reached a major milestone by making more than $600 million domestically -- only the third movie to do so.

Review: 'Avengers' unleashes explosively good time

As of Tuesday, June 26, 2012 -- its 54thday in theaters --"The Avengers" has raked in $600.377 million,according to Box Office Mojo.

To date, the movie has made nearly $1.44 billion worldwide.

"The Avengers" now sits behind "Titanic" (658.7 million) and "Avatar" ($749.7 million) on the all-time domestic chart.

The movie, which was unleashed nationwide on May 4, had the biggest box office opening weekend ever with a record $207.4 million domestically.

Guide: Spotting Cleveland in the 'Avengers'

Many of the film's action-packed sequences were filmed in Cleveland along E. 9th Street, including multiple scenes from the movie's explosive finale.


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