CLEVELAND -- Charles Ramsey is now featured in a new online video game that has drawn some negative attention.

The game is called "Charles Ramsey Burger Bash" and the object is to throw hamburgers at a character that depicts Ariel Castro.

Castro is the man facing multiple counts of kidnapping and rape. The gamesays it is powered by nxTomo, A Next Mobile Production with Next Media Animation.

Some reports are calling the game insensitive. (Launch Game)

Karisa Isle went to school with Gina DeJesus and says this won't help the girls heal.

"[It's] overwhelming definitely," she said.

But others see it differently.

"I'm sure while [the women] were there they wanted to do something to him themselves, and I'm sure it wasn't throwing burgers," said Rosa Alvarado. "I'm sure it was something lethal and more deadly than just burgers...It's an innocent game."

After previewing the Burger Bash, we found a scene that depicts the Castro character leading another character into a home with a dog collar and leash. Follow WKYC's Sara Shookman on Twitter @SaraShookman