CLEVELAND --Crews were working in multiple locations Friday in Cleveland on the filming ofCaptain America 2.

Down on West 3rd, star Chris Evans was filming a hand-to-hand fight scene against his nemesis, the Winter Soldier.The scene included burning cars and dozens of extras running away in fear.

Crews filmed multiple angles of the smoke-filled fight sequence in which Captain America jumps from a rampand kicks the Winter Soldier in the chest, sending him airborne into a vehicle behind.

Meanwhile up on the closed West Shoreway, another crew was filming part of a chase scene that involved The Winter Soldier on top of a moving car attempting to crash through the windshield to get to the people inside the car. With so many crews in action, both the stars and their multiple stunt doubles were deployed at the various filming sites.

The weather hasn't been very kind to the production crew with back-to-back days of rain, drizzle, clouds and cold.

Captain America 2 is scheduled to continue shooting in Clevelandfor the next several weeks. It is scheduled to open in theaters on April 4, 2014.