I think I've heard it all now.

I used to think that a friend in Florida had the most unusual Christmas decoration with his choice of a Santa Claus but another Floridian has apparently surpassed him.

Wire reports out of Tallahassee, Florida are true. In order to protest a Nativity scene, Chaz Stevens has put up a Festivus pole with beer cans at the state capitol.

He even admits that the pole is ridiculous, but he opposes religious displays in government buildings and, if a Nativity scene is allowed, he says a Festivus pole should be as well.

Festivus is a non-secular holiday apparently created in an episode of "Seinfeld" to protest the commercialism of Christmas. I say apparently because I've only ever seen one episode of "Seinfeld" and that was the one with the Soup Nazi and it was a rerun. I could never stand any of the characters in "Seinfeld" and I didn't think it was a funny series.

And another thing. I even saw on Facebook where a Chagrin Falls friend of mine had his dog Bogey help him put up their Festivus pole.

But I digress.

The woman who organized the Nativity display told Stevens she welcomes his decision to exercise his right to free speech, but a plain aluminum pole would have been more appropriate rather than Stevens' beer-can version.

In the television show, the Costanzas use a plain pole. Just so you know, for reasons unknown, a Festivus pole was also put up in the Wisconsin Capitol.

I've heard of thieves stealing the baby Jesus out of the manger but mostly that was before people realized that they shouldn't even put Jesus in the manger until Christmas Day.

So, I know people sometimes have a sense of humor about their decorations. Like the guy living next door to a massive outdoor lighting display with thousands of lights who used three strings of lights on HIS house and spelled out "Ditto," with an arrow pointing to his neighbor's fabulous display.

Or the guy who had a dummy dressed as a man hanging by his fingers from his house's gutter with a string of Christmas lights swinging by his side.

Now those were funny. I'm not so amused with Santas wielding chainsaws. Stuff like that should be saved for Halloween.