Our Pigskin Prognosticators pick this week's high school football playoff games. Vincent Dorsey has the overall lead. What are his picks this week? Find out.


There's a new sheriff in town when it comes to ruling our pigskin prognosticators.

Vincent Dorsey has the overall lead after 12 weeks of picking high school football games.

For the previous four weeks, Dave Chudowsky has been the top dog among our prognosticators. That is until Dorsey posted a perfect 8-0 record in week 12. Chudowsky finished at 4-4.

Brian Crane is third at 53-28. Tim Dubravetz is fourth with a 50-31 record.

It looks like the race for pigskin prognosticator champion will go down to the last weekend of the season. (And that's the way it should be.)

Overall pigskin prognosticator standings (after week 12):

Dorsey: 56-25

Chudowsky: 55-26

Crane: 53-28

Dubravetz: 50-31

This week's playoff games:

Glenville (11-1) vs. Madison (10-2) at Mentor:

Dorsey: Glenville

Chudowsky: Glenville

Crane: Glenville

Dubravetz: Glenville

Highland (12-0) vs. Avon (12-0) at Brunswick:

Dorsey: Highland

Chudowsky: Highland

Crane: Highland

Dubravetz: Avon

SVSM (12-0) vs. Hubbard (12-0) at Ravenna:

Dorsey: SVSM

Chudowsky: SVSM

Crane: SVSM

Dubravetz: SVSM

Benedictine (9-3) vs. Cardinal Mooney (8-4) at Solon:

Dorsey: Cardinal Mooney

Chudowsky: Cardinal Mooney

Crane: Cardinal Mooney

Dubravetz: Benedictine

Kirtland (12-0) vs. Mogodore (11-1) at Twinsburg:

Dorsey: Kirtland

Chudowsky: Kirtland

Crane: Kirtland

Dubravetz: Kirtland

St. Edward (10-1) vs. Austintown Fitch (12-0) at University of Akron:

Dorsey: St. Edward

Chudowsky: St. Edward

Crane: St. Edward

Dubravetz: Austintown Fitch

Mentor (11-1) vs. St. Ignatius (8-4) at Parma:

Dorsey: Mentor

Chudowsky: Mentor

Crane: Mentor

Dubravetz: Mentor

Akron Manchester (10-2) vs. Crestview (11-1) at Minerva:

Dorsey: Akron Manchester

Chudowsky: Crestview

Crane: Crestview

Dubravetz: Crestview