As many people as there are who say 'let's keep this warm weather around for good,' there are those who are waiting for Jack Frost to make his visit.

Lunch hour was more like a mini-vacation. Runners wore shorts, some were in T-shirts, and the calendar says December. It's safe to say Brent Veverka, at Boston Mills Brandywine, isn't a fan.

"Been looking at the extended forecast since about early November and I swear I just need to stop looking at it because every time I look at it, it's going to get warmer," says Veverka.

Their regular season opening is just days away. The snow guns are ready to cover the hills with snow, if only Mother Nature would cooperate and drop temperatures below 28 degrees. And once that cold weather hits, they only need 4 days to get the ski resort up to speed.

Until then, ski patrol, ski instructors and everyone else at Boston Mills/Brandywine will have to sit and wait.

After last year's unseasonably warm winter, they're trying to remain optimistic.

"This is what we're telling everybody. It can only get better than last year," says Veverka.