COLUMBUS -- The Ohio EPA is requesting that all governmental entities suspend the issuance of any open burning permission until the fire hazard decreases.

Bob Hodanbosi, the chief of theDivision of Air Pollution Control, asks thatif someone has alreadybeen granted permission for a burn that is not yet completed,that they be contacted and askedthat they do not complete the burn until further notice.

Sprinkling bans are beginning to go into effect in some areas. On Friday, theCity of Painesville decalred arestriction on sprinkling effective immediately until further notice.

Customers of Painesville Municipal Water -- residents of the City of Painesville, Grand River Village, and portions of Painesville and Concord Townships -- are asked to use sprinklers or other lawn and garden watering devices only on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.

George Ginnis Water Superintendent said that the high temperatures and lack of rain have caused increased consumption in the water system. As a result the water reserve supplies in the system are at critical levels should a large draw, such as fighting a fire, be required.

City Manager Rita McMahon indicated that the ban is not prohibiting sprinkling every day but limits the number of days in the week to permit the storage system to recover after use.For any questions, please contact the Water Division at 440-392-9565

The Ohio EPA is concerned that,over the course of the next few days, Ohio will be experiencing hot and dry conditions. The National Weather Service has issued a statement on the increased fire danger.

Parts of the state have experienced large brush fires.