CLEVELAND -- When the Lake Erie snow machine turns on, it's hit or miss.

The borderline between lake effect and lacking fell somewhere in Euclid Thursday. WKYC crews drove out of wintry white right around East 160th Street.

ODOT trucks crisscrossed counties. In Lake County, snow was sticking, andcloser to Cuyahoga County roads were bare.

When it comes to snow, what a difference a mile can make.

"You know I grew up kind of in the snowbelt out east. It wasn't that bad," said Kevin Fein. "We loved it when we were kids absolutely."

"No snow for me,"said Phil Gibbs. "I like warm weather, look forward to the spring."

While most people told us they hope snow skips over their house, but others embrace the season. Either way, Northeast Ohio knows hope to cope.

"Just get up early enough to get the car warmed up, cleaned off, it's Cleveland," said Cynthia Sheets.

Check outour traffic page for the latest road conditions through Friday's rush hour.