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With the mere mention of the word frost, some people throw up their arms and gasp at the very idea of cooler weather.

Seriously friends, it happens about this time every year.  We are right in the middle of our "average date of first frost" range.

As of now, it looks like frost will be likely for inland areas away from the city Friday night.  A widespread damaging frost (with some inland areas getting their first freeze of the season) is likely Saturday night.  Another frost potential will be Sunday night.

Frost or no, the weekend is looking chilly.  And the cooler air flowing over the warmer water of Lake Erie... yes, lake effect.  With the cold air in place and if the timing of the showers is just right, we could see some wet snowflakes mixing in with the rain.

Time to dig out the sheets and get ready to protect plants, if you are so inclined.

TONIGHT:  Isolated showers, cloudy and breezy.  | Mid/upper 40s

WEDNESDAY: Mostly cloudy with lake effect rain showers east. | Upper 50s

THURSDAY: Mostly sunny.| Low/mid 60s

FRIDAY: Showers possible, otherwise cloudy, breezy and cooler! | Mid 50s

SATURDAY: Morning frost possible south, away from the city. Clouds and sun. For lake effect territory it will be mostly cloudy with scattered rain showers (may see some wet snow mixing in from time to time). | Upper 40s

SUNDAY:  Mostly sunny skies, except east of Cleveland where early showers will fade and skies will clear in the afternoon. Widespread frost likely in the morning, with some inland areas outside of the city possibly getting a freeze.  | Near 50°

MONDAY: Mostly sunny. Morning frost likely.  |  Upper 50s/low 60s

TUESDAY:  Sunny skies.  |  Mid 60s

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