March Outlook: Chance for lingering cold

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recently issued its monthly probabilistic weather forecast for March 2014 for both temperature and precipitation. From the outlook, it seems Ohio and a good portion of the United States could be in for another round of cold weather.

For temperature, it is probable that the northeastern quarter of the United States will experience below normal temperatures. This trend has been present across Ohio for both January and February. The highest probability for this exists across eastern Minnesota, Wisconsin and northern Michigan. Its also probably that the southwestern United States will have above normal temperatures. The highest probability for this exists across California and Nevada. There are equal chances for below normal temperatures across the northwestern United States through the Rockies and down to the southeastern United States.

For precipitation, there are equal chances for above and below normal precipitation across the entire country, with the exceptions of the desert southwest and northern Great Plains to the northern Great Lakes. Across the desert Southwest, it is likely that precipitation will be above normal. Across the northern Great Plains, its likely that precipitation will be below normal.

Using the information from both the temperature and precipitation outlook seems to imply that more cold and dry air is likely across the northern and eastern United States while more warm and sometimes moist air masses are likely across the southwestern United States.


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