New book for weather enthusiasts

CLEVELAND - Understanding how the weather works will only become more important in the future as we undergo climate change.

A new book by author Michael Bright is called "The Pocket Book of Weather" and is an entertaining collection of useful weather facts and answers to common questions about the world around you.

Did you know that due to the elliptical shape of its orbit, the Earth is actually closest to the Sun during the northern winter, and furthest away around July 3?

Or, the world's coldest temperature of -126.9 degrees F and -128.6 degrees F were recorded at Vostok, Antarctica, on August 25th, 1960, and July 21, 1983?

And, a modest-size cloud, say .6 miles in diameter and 330 feet thick has the same mass as a Boeing 747 jumbo jet?

These are just of the 3,000 fascinating facts found in the book with figures and illustrations including 50 color photographs and diagrams that explain many facets of meteorology.

Michael Bright is an executive producer with the BBC's Natural History Unit and has written scores of books about the natural world.

You can find the book (ISBN 978-1-62040-624-3) in larger bookstores or visit the publishers website at


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