Winter blast brings Facebook despair

Tired of winter yet? Many of you definitely are…

We've asked our Facebook fans to dish their thoughts on Mother Nature's nasty winter attitude, and we got loads of comments.

Here's a snapsot of what some viewers posted:

Diane Ujhazy: Congrats Mother Nature! You just won an-all-expense-paid vacation to a warm tropical island compliments of your oh-so-sick and tired of the snow and cold ex-friends here in Cleveland and across the country. Oh, it's a one-way ticket. You will be mailed the return portion when you have learned to be more polite and kind. Hurry up now your plane is waiting!

Carol Cottrill: What I have to say to mother nature can't be repeated on tv.

Jim Lawrence: Enough already, no more…

Cheryl Marie Jablonowski: Clearly mother nature is off her bipolar meds…

Barb Walsh: OK, Mother Nature…you win! Will you now take your "toys" & go home?

Nick Smith: I love it, give us a foot of snow please and keep it here until April.

Jenn Smith Jackson: well at least the snow is good for filling potholes. That's about all it's good for!

Zenia Keene: enough already

Joe Fergus: Its still only March in Cleveland!!!! Let it snow….let it snow…let it snow…lol.

Andrea Brock: No more snow, we've had enough!!!

Margaret Bates Jackson: Bring it on im ready.

Julie Ramser: I should have found a cave back in Nov and hibernated until April…..

Bobby Baughman: #overit

Karen Phelps: Sucks…big time. People can't drive.

Julie Stone: Dislike.

Matt Kane: Do your worst mother nature! !!!

Mary Corrin: Yuk!!!

Tina Valiga Thompson: Ughhhh here we go again only in Ohio can it be 58 one day & a snow storm the next day …. Come on spring I'm ready

Kim Mock: Spring please!!!!

Tenika Adams: I'm so over winter…Spring hurry up

Norm Farry: Next winter "Florida here I come"

Erlinda Dayos Brooks: Not on my watch, not in my neighborhood, go back to where you came from! You are not welcome here!


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