AKRON, Ohio — Two women, with time on their hands and compassion in their hearts, have decided to help their community driving around in a big pink truck.

“I think it’s going to be a big hit,” says Lianna Fertig, owner of Enticing Cakes.

“We’re trying to make a terrible situation, good,” adds Ahlam Abbes, CEO of The Dirty Lamb.

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Lianna and Ahlam are like a lot of people, trying to help out during this erratic and irregular time. However, unlike a lot of people they have a big pink cupcake truck at their disposal.

“I mean things have been slower for me in the business because weddings are cancelled and corporate events. So, I have the time on my hands,” says Fertig. “ We were like, what can we do to help and keep ourselves busy, instead of staying inside. So, we were just looking for an opportunity.”

So the two got together and hatched a plan. They decided to turn the cupcake food truck into a free lunch truck for kids that are home for school. They made 100 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and bought 2 giant boxes of individually packaged chips. They also got an ice cream truck playlist to blast through a speaker and started driving through communities near Akron.

“Anyone who sees it, gets a free lunch for their kid and then, if they want, they also have the option to buy cupcakes too,” says Fertig

Their plan is to do this every week and call it free lunch Fridays. Of course, they’re keeping safety in mind.

Abbes says, “As long as they come to the truck and everyone is keeping a safe distance. Everything has been prepared with gloves and masks.”

They’re also hoping to find different neighborhoods around northeast Ohio to drive through each week, to find kids that could use a free meal accompanied by a bright pink truck, a catchy tune and a smile.

“There are a lot of kids right now at home that don’t have the means for food during this time,” says Abbes. “I think this just helps all around. It’s going to help parents and kids.”

If you know a neighborhood that could use a free lunch Friday, you can contact them at lianna@enticingbakery.com.

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