CLEVELAND — Found Surface recently had a launch party in Cleveland to unveil some new fashions. The new line has four unisex styles, including pants, 2 tops and a jacket. For the company Founder and Creative Director, Aidan Meany, the launch party was a huge success.

“I was always excited to let people see the clothes for the first time and feel it in real life,” said Meany.

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Local rapper, Bat Boy Bankie, was on the scene to check out the designs.

“They defiantly paid attention to detail, for sure. The quality of the material is perfect. The color pallets are perfect,” remarked Bat Boy Bankie.

Found Surface has 3 signature colors, sage, clay and custard, all meant to work with any skin tone. A big part of the clothing line is sustainability.

“Every single step of the process that goes into making clothing we aim to recycle and reuse any waste that we generate,” said Meany.

Scrap material becomes gift bags and tags inside the clothing. Stainable dye and recycle water are used. And some of the martial is made from recycles ocean plastic.

“The filling in our pieces, our collars that is made of nothing but bottles from the Gulf Coast,” said Meany.

Everything is made in the United States. With the goal of bring the jobs to Cleveland.

“We hope to have textile weaving here, we hope to have dyeing facilities here. We hope to bring in bottle recycling here,” sated Meany.

Meany credits his grandmother for teaching him to sew as a teenager.

“When I was 14, I went to her said do you know how to make actual clothes? She said of course I do. And she took me out, we bought our first pattern, we bought fabric, and we made our first shirt,” remembered Meany

With fashion is his passion, Meany hopes to elevate the industry in a responsible way.

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