A Medina woman is clipping and cutting her way into the spotlight -- with famous clients like Justin Bieber.

Kristi Charbonneau now has the Biebs to chalk up as the latest Bubbles n Biscuits client.

That's her mobile dog grooming business that has been growing in popularity for 10 years this month.

Her spa in a van comes to you, and your dirty dog...65 bucks is the going rate for a bath, brush out, nails trim, ear cleaning and a haircut.

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Charbonneau was booked solid with mostly standing appointments for northeast Ohio's pampered pooches when she got the call from Justin Bieber's entourage.

"She goes, well we're in town for a show. I asked what kind of show? A dog show? I'm oblivious. A dog show?"

How could she have known the Biebs was in the market for bubbles n biscuits?

But he was. Or, his adorable Yorkie Esther was.

"Esther is spoiled. I think Esther was given too much people food the day before I got her. It happens," says Charbonneau.

She posted the whole experience online, like her working pass to get into the underground portion of Quicken Loans Arena with the tour busses, because that's how Kristi rolls, in the Bubbles n Biscuits mobile.

"I rolled up and said I'm here to groom the dog!" Charbonneau laughs out loud thinking about it.

"Oh! The girls down there were all screaming! It was crazy! All screaming and telling me to tell Justin I love him! Oh they knew Esther! They all knew I was there for Esther! I didn't know Esther!" she laughs.

Charbonneau's cousin in Canada knew Esther, and knew teenage tweets made Kristi famous.

"I got a text from her that said OMG I just saw you on twitter you groomed Justin Biebers dog!" Charbonneau, says still laughing.

Esther Bieber, by the way, checked out of the spa with a standard 20 percent tip.