Radio icon Howard Stern to induct Bon Jovi into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland

"Nobody knows not only me but the members of the band as well as Howard," Jon Bon Jovi said.

Fans of Bon Jovi were thrilled last month when they learned the band would be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as part of the class of 2018.

On Wednesday, we learned that another icon would be joining them as part of the ceremony, as Howard Stern announced on his radio show that he will be the one to induct Bon Jovi into the Rock Hall during the April ceremonies in Cleveland.

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Stern and group front man Jon Bon Jovi talked revealed the news to fans during the latter's interview on The Howard Stern Show on SiriusXM.

“Our careers have paralleled in a lot of ways and whether it was the ups or the downs, we’ve come through everything together,” Jon said. “Nobody knows not only me but the members of the band as well as Howard.”

Stern said he had turned down offers from other groups to induct them in the past, fearing he would "f--k it up." However, Bon Jovi was insistent, and Stern says he is "thrilled" to have the honor.

Yet Jon initially neglected to tell Stern that this year's induction ceremonies would be in Cleveland, not New York per usual. The radio legend was less than pleased.

“I gotta go to f--kin’ Cleveland," Stern said. "I told my wife that I was going to call Jon and get out of it. But she told me that we are both going to go to Cleveland, and that it’s going to be fun.”

The ceremony is scheduled for Saturday, Apr. 14.