Cleveland Browns changing uniforms, Joe Thomas' future: The Donovan Live Postgame Show

Jim Donovan and Dave DeNatale discuss the day's top sports stories on the Donovan Live Postgame Show

We had A LOT to get into on Wednesday's Donovan Live Postgame Show, especially since yours truly spent Tuesday in Detroit watching Cleveland State play in the Horizon League title game.

Jimmy and I began our discussion with the Vikings and NCAA hoops. The MAC is in Cleveland for the next few days for the men's and women's basketball tournaments. After watching the Vikings go on a great run in Detroit, we'll see if Kent State and Akron can have similar success.

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We then went to the Browns, who have apparently begun to re-design their uniforms. Keep in mind, they just unveiled the new ones in 2015! There's something about fans and their team's uniforms. Me? I just want to see some wins. Jimmy and I also discussed the ongoing Joe Thomas retire/come back to the Browns saga. It's clear that Thomas is truly torn about whether to call it a career or try to return to his All-Pro form. Jimmy heard that Joe was very impressive in his audition with Fox Sports. He clearly has options if he decides to hang it up.

Thomas told our Dave Chudowsky on Tuesday that the end is coming 'sooner than later.' Take that with however many grains of salt you wish.

Finally, I was curious to find out from Jimmy what he thought about Kevin Love's remarkable essay in The Players' Tribune on Tuesday. Having a bit of experience with some of the mental health issues Love is going through myself, I thought it took a ton of courage for him to come forward and talk about his experiences. Kevin's mental health and happiness is much more important than coming back from a broken hand, or getting double-doubles.

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