From selling all of the "stuff" in your home for the best price to sales you can score in January

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A lot of us are cash strapped now after all that holiday spending, but if you can swing it, there are some great deals now that will save you money down the line.

First linens, bedding, and towels. It's White Sale time, with some stores taking 50 to 70% off regular prices.

It's also a good time to get clothing now...especially winter stuff. Stores need to make room for spring styles. There are also steals on everything from shoes and socks to handbags...making January a great time of year to refresh your wardrobe.

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Finally, it's a great time to buy home furniture. New styles hit the market in February, which means retailers will be trying to get rid of older stock. Deals will get better later in the month, but there will be fewer choices. Regardless, don't forget to haggle. Sometimes retailers will be willing to cut a little extra off the price to get rid of stuff.

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There are some freebies to be had in January as well.

If you have a cat, you can get a free photo session at JC Penney.

Do you like Pie? National Pie Day is the 23rd. Many resturants are offering free slices.

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Now to stuff we buy and have, but don't need. Remember that George Carlin routine about "stuff". According to one study nearly ten percent of us rent a storage facility even though we have a garage, attic or basement. It's time to sell some of it...especially stuff you havent used in two years.

Obviously you know there's Craigslist and Ebay....but there are other sites like Bonanza or Ebid which are cheaper because the charge lower fees.

Of course there are apps as well...and several are location based. Some of the most popular are Letgo, Offer Up and Five Miles. But with any of these be very careful of spammers or scammers.

In addition to the sources above, there are item-specific sites.

Like for clothing, I love Poshmark. For phones or electronics, Gazelle seems gets high marks.

And for antiques and is a great resource.

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And by the way, January is a good time to sell jewelry because Valentine's Day is coming up.

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