A cyber warning from your cat

The guy who created IKnowWhereYourCatLives.com wanted it to be a warning. He's been proving his point with each freaked out cat owner who is "found out."

If your cat is just so darn cute you have to post pictures every chance you get, we bet we can find where you live.

The guy who created www.iknowwhereyourcatlives.com wanted it to be a WARNING. He's been proving his point with each freaked out cat owner who is "found out".

Dusty Drost, the cranky cat, looked none too happy to see us.

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Donna Drost, holding him at the door was SURPRISED to see us

Shocked, when we told her Dusty sort of told us where she lives in Mentor.

"That looks like one of my cats,” Drost said when producer Megan Gallagher showed her how she used iknowwhereyourcatlives.com to track us right to the Drost family front door.

"Yep, that's him. That’s my cat. That’s Dusty who you just saw," Drost said.

Cranky Dusty from Mentor is in good company...

"That’s my other cat snookie," Drost laughs, looking at the website on the cell phone in her foyer.

IKnowWhereYourCatLives.com uses geo tracking to pinpoint more than 7 million felines and their unsuspecting owners from around the world.

It's all based on the hashtag "cats" and data that their owners often have no idea they're giving away.

Owen Mundy, a professor with Florida State University, is the programmer, artist, and brains behind the site.

“The site gets a lot of traffic. It worked great. It went viral immediately,” said Mundy.

Mundy's goal wasn't to just make a website that freaks people out, but to warn us how easily we give away our GPS coordinates when posting pics.

Mundy was actually sharing social media pictures of his little daughter, as a matter of fact, when he realized how much info we give away.

“I realized that all of that data was made available to all the third party developers. It was free. And no one had any idea that they were giving up their data. I saw it as a problem. It’s a data leak."

Donna Drost didn't even post it.

"What’s surprising is that my son, Eric doesn't live here. He’s a popular photographer in Cleveland. He would have posted the pictures and yet they were still connected to my house. It’s a small world," said Drost.

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Even smaller now that we've made a new friend from Mentor, because he cats outed her.

“I’m wondering why it’s for cats. Is there one for dogs? I used to have a bird,” Drost laughs.

The warning from Mundy may be working.

Of the original 1 million cat photos Mundy collected, 60% of the owners changed their privacy settings, so the pictures no longer appear.

Other cat owners, feeling slighted, asked him how to get ON the site.