Geauga Lake photo goes viral 10 years after park’s closure

Gone, but never forgotten.

AURORA, Ohio -- Gone, but never forgotten.

It has been 10 years since Geauga Lake closed its gates forever…

But a new picture is breathing fresh life to old memories.

A Facebook page dedicated to Geauga Lake posted a photo of the amusement park Wednesday that depicts its vibrant roller coasters from 2002.

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Just below that picture is a comparison image that showcases what that same spot along Aurora Road looks like today. Empty.

The post has been shared thousands upon thousands of times, with hundreds of people commenting how sad and heartbroken they are about the park’s closure.

All of Geauga Lake’s rides have since been demolished or moved to other parks. The historic Big Dipper met the wrecking ball last year after countless attempts by coaster enthusiasts to save it.

In the years after its closure, Geauga Lake became known for its haunting images of the abandoned land with trees growing through many of its rides.