Parents who need help juggling all their children's activities now have help!

A new app is being developed to help with the balancing act.

Between after school activities, doctors' appointments, even just getting to school, it's a juggling act for parents to get their children everywhere. Sometimes you have to cancel activities because you just can't fit them in.

Now, a new app is being developed to help with the balancing act.

The app is called Ayuda, which is Spanish for help. It was developed by a mom, who also happens to be the Chief Academics Officer at the Cleveland Metro School District. She says this app puts parents in the driver's seat, so to speak.

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Dr. Michelle Pierre Farid has her hands full as a school administrator and single mom, whose daughter does, well just about everything after school. She knows some parents can't do it all.

"Even though we give bus tickets to all of our kids who are six through twelve years old, sometimes kids would have to take two to three buses, which led to an hour and a half on the bus,” she explained.

For some, that's just getting them to school.

''I thought through how can we make an app that allowed people to identify a final destination and then carpool together," Farid added.

So with the help of a developer, she's testing out an app called Ayuda, which coordinates with families and different after school programs to get their children there free of charge.

She showed us how it works: "A school might say, 'yep we have Back To School Night’, and they would post that and parents will be able to connect to that one event."

And we're not talking about strangers driving kids. These are the people involved.

"We might have volunteers that are connected to that community," Farid said. "They might be allowed to drive, but it's really based on how the community wants to offer their app."

Those drivers get standard background checks, including car safety and driving records. For a small fee, you'll also be able to schedule babysitting and tutoring, as well as get live video from the car.

"We believe in having well rounded children," Farid told us. "So as parents, we always make choices around a great school and a great education. And I wanted to make sure that we were able to provide both as options to families."

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Ayuda will be available this spring. If you have any questions or want your school PTO or Principal to get involved, you can email Michelle at You can also log onto for more information.