Work-from-home businesses booming for local moms

Do you ever dream of finding a job that lets you work from home?

Whether it’s for additional income or personal satisfaction, more stay-at-home moms are starting their own businesses.

And they're booming.

According an American Express study, the number of women entrepreneurs has doubled during the last 20 years.

And when we went on Facebook looking for women who started home businesses to stay at home with their kids, the response was overwhelming.

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We found a woman who started not one, but four businesses, which she runs out of an alcove in her bedroom.

Kris Williams was burned out, and wanted to figure out how to stay at home to raise her daughters.

“I was the primary wage earner my whole life. When I was no longer that person I had to really redefine who I was."

So she turned her talent for graphic design into much needed belt tightening.

“We just figured out ways to make it work, and we did without a lot of non-necessities,’ she says.

And she used her network of neighbors and moms for inspiration.

A lead from a local gallery owner led to a new income stream.

While earning enough to put clothes on their backs, she didn't like the messages on the front. So she designed a line of T-shirts to empower them, which she sold through the online marketplace Etsy and advertised on Facebook.

“The apparel that is produced for girls and women does not always offer everything they are capable of doing or are interested in," she said.

It's that attitude that lead to Kris' fourth business -- co-owner with another mom -- of a company that makes stencils and supplies for those who journal.

"Building this personal business and identity allowed me to feel empowered and in control of my professional life, my home life and the way my kids were raised.”

She says it's something anyone can do with passion and some sacrifice.

“Just because you have children doesn't mean you're done learning or done growing professionally…even if you stay at home."

Here are some links on how you can start your own business:


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