Scan Squad: Beware of Facebook gift exchanges

The Cuyahoga County scam squad is warning about a message you may have seen on your Facebook page and may have even shared.

Gift clubs and social media gift exchanges may seem like a great way to get into the holiday season, but they can also leave you as the victim of a scam. The Cuyahoga County scam squad is warning against the gift club posts that often pop on facebook. For example, someone posts that you can join them in a wine exchange. The idea is similar to a chain letter, you buy and send the user a bottle of wine and then you post the same message and six people end up buying you a bottle of wine. Sheryl Harris, with the Cuyahoga County Department of Consumer Affairs warns the whole thing is illegal.
“The reason there is a law that prohibits them is that they are mathematically unsustainable. Yes you can send a gift to someone and you can send invites to others and you may get gifts but at some point the whole pyramid will collapse it's mathematically unsustainable and the last people sending gifts aren't going to get them,” said Harris.
If you have been scammed by one of these clubs you can call the scam squad at the number on your screen--216-443-SCAM.

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