Project 180: Giving hope to those in recovery

Graduates of the Cuyahoga County Drug Court have started their own program called Project 180, a support system for those in recovery.

In the past eight years, more than 350 people have graduated from Cuyahoga County's Drug Court program.

The goal of those who enter the program is to break the cycle of recidivism by addressing an offender’s drug dependency. Drug Court adheres to science based principals only accepting those assessed as drug dependent.

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Drug Court exists to accept more challenging offenders such as those with repeat criminal histories or opiate dependencies. The Common Pleas Drug Court collaborates with the Cleveland Municipal Drug Court under the Stephanie Tubbs Jones Greater Cleveland Drug Court umbrella. Both courts share treatment resources, case managers and graduation ceremonies.

Many of those who've graduated the program have gone on to lead clean and sober lives. Two of whom decided to start a program on their own they called Project 180. The goal was to create a support system of those in recovery to find fun, safe, sober events and gatherings.

The project has no funding. They rely on donations and businesses who believe in the mission.

Participants are connected by a Project 180 Facebook page. There is also a link to a Go Fund Me page there.

They often find ways to give back to the community but they could use some community help. Some of the services they could use include:

  • Cooking class/nutrition instruction
  • Fitness training/gym memberships (or discounted memberships)
  • Holistic wellness (yoga, meditation, aromatherapy)
  • Clothing (especially to wear to court)
  • Transportation assistance (Uber or Lyft vouchers, bus passes)
  • Financial literacy
  • General literacy
  • Art therapy
  • General individual counseling
  • Educational assistance
  • Job training and job opportunity
  • Assistance with sober living rent
  • Parking vouchers (sometimes clients have to pay for parking downtown multiple times a week and Project 180 members are not reimbursed for parking expenses)
  • 12 Step materials (AA and NA Big Books, 12 and 12 Books, meditation books, 12 Step workbooks, Journals)
  • Help with child custody issues

Any business that can offer fun, sober supportive activities. Bowling, restaurants, movies, amusement parks, bike park, sporting events, yoga, rock climbing are just a few examples.

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If you'd like to help you can message them on the Facebook page or email them at