Charlotte woman meets Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

"I was proud to be able to represent Charlotte and America in the crowd," she said.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A 26-year-old artist from Charlotte had a brief encounter in Great Britain that she may never forget.

Haley Johnston, who tells NBC Charlotte she grew up in the Queen City and now lives in Wales, chatted up with Prince Harry and his soon-to-be wife Meghan Markle earlier in the week.

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"I didn't expect them to be able to say hello," Johnston said. "I thought they'd just wave to the crowds."

As soon as Johnston saw the royal couple shaking people's hands and accepting gifts outside of the Cardiff Castle in Wales, she knew she had a chance to strike up a conversation.

"My connection with the couple is that I am an American who is married to a British guy who also served in the British army," Johnston told NBC Charlotte in an email response.

Of course, Johnston is referring to Markle, a Los Angeles native, and Prince Harry, who served in the British military from 2005-2015. When the opportunity came, Johnston shared the connection she and her husband had with the couple as they both walked by her.

"Both Prince Harry and Meghan were so personable with me," Johnston said.

In Johnston's Instagram video, you can see Markel asking Johnston how long she has lived in Great Britain.

"You can hear Meghan in the video introducing herself as if I don't know who she is, which was a cute little touch," Johnston said.

In a separate Instagram post, Prince Harry was also asked where Johnston was from. As soon as Johnston, told the prince she was an American from the Queen City, Harry appeared to know about the winter weather that hit the Carolinas last week.

"It's quite cold out there," Harry asked Johnston playfully.

"It snowed right now," Johnston responded.

"This is the best weather in Wales we've had," Harry told Johnston and the crowd.

Representing the Queen City CHARLOTTE, NC while talking to #PrinceHarry 👑

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Johnston said she is confident Markle will be a great role model for both Great Britain and Americans.

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"I saw so many little girls that made her things and she made the effort to go say hi to all of them," Johnston said. "It's exciting to see this American connection to come into the royal family and I was proud to be able to represent Charlotte and America in the crowd."

Johnston grew up in Charlotte and had lived there before moving to Wales. She met her husband in 2012 during her study abroad trip.

"I actually met him at the airport when I landed," Johnston said. "He was a student ambassador for the international students."

Johnston said she is hoping to one day relocate back to the Queen City.

"My parents and best friends are still in Charlotte and I love to visit," she said.

The royal wedding date for Prince Harry and Markle is set for May 19. The couple announced their engagement in November 2017.

Those interested in following Johnston's adventures can follower her Instagram account, Hayladyjohnston, or her blog by clicking here.