Messages at Sacramento bars promote women safety amid #MeToo campaign

As women share their sexual assault and harassment experiences using #MeToo on social media, you may also notice messages to women in some downtown Sacramento nightlife hotspots.

The signs let women know that if anyone is making them feel uncomfortable with unwanted sexual advances, they can report to a staff member who will take care of it. At the Golden Bear, signs are in the bathroom. At the Press Club, signs are even on the dance floor.

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"[Something as] small as cat-calling to looking with your eyes too aggressively," said Anthony Munguia, who has been a bartender at Golden Bear for over three years.

Even when a man offers to buy a woman a drink, Munguia said he wants to make sure she's OK with it.

"I always reinforce 'Hey, do you know him?'" said Munguia. "I don't want them to have an 'IOU' to the man, a guilty situation where they feel they have to talk or engage."

Munguia believes the sign is working and that often, men don't know when they're coming off as "creepy."

Over at Press Club, Ashley Davis knows all too well how unwanted sexual advances feel as a female bartender.

"I think a lot of time, we're used to brushing it off so easily," said Davis. "Maybe [the signs are] having a little reminder up that no, that's not OK."

Davis adds that the #MeToo campaign, along with working at a venue that wants women to feel comfortable, helps empower her.

"We've all encountered it in some form or another," said Davis. "I felt really intimidated and unsure when I was younger, but now that I've gotten older...I found my own voice. I don't have a problem saying anything back."

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