Akron man pleads guilty to impersonating 'Scared Straight' officer, assaulting students

He told school staff he was part of the "Scared Straight" program.

AKRON -- An Akron man has pleaded guilty to multiple counts after he impersonated a police officer and assaulted several children at two local schools.

Christopher Hendon, 26, pleaded guilty to 31 charges Thursday, including seven counts of kidnapping, six counts of abduction, 15 counts of impersonating a police officer and three counts of illegal conveyance of a deadly weapon in a school.

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Hendon entered two Akron schools between March 6 and April 6, 2017 wearing police tactical gear, including a badge, gun and Taser. He told school employees he was an officer with the "Scared Straight" program.

Inside the schools, Hendon handcuffed, threatened and assaulted several students.

On April 6, Hendon entered the Summit County Juvenile Center with three children in handcuffs.

Hendon is scheduled for sentencing March 7.