Grayton Road Tavern owners make changes to Queen of Hearts drawing

Last week, some of the issues of the Queen of Hearts overshadowed the fun of the game at Grayton Road Tavern.

Cleveland, OH — It’s the game that keeps on giving: The Queen of Hearts.

Last week, though, some of the issues overshadowed the fun of the game at Grayton Road Tavern.

One major concern was the bin that was used to spin the tickets before the drawing.

You complained, the owners listened.

"This is the new custom bin that we had built,” Jennifer Natale, Grayton Road Tavern general manager, said. “The volume of the tickets has been incredible and we just needed to go ahead and get something different."

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Something that would be as easy on the eyes as it is functional, holding about 1.4 million tickets.

Of course, using a little less manpower was also appreciated by the staff.

“As you guys all saw last week, we had two very big guys doing it and it was even a little bit of a struggle for them,” Natale said. "This one is definitely easier, we have a big ships wheel on the side."

The “concrete mixer” is a thing of the past because last week was the first and last time owners are choosing to use it, and so many people are thanking them for it.

"I'm a fan of the bigger tumbler, the normal tumbler myself,” one player said.

Since the jackpot keeps growing, the bar is doing everything they can to make sure it’s fair.

"We do everything up and up in front of the cameras,” Natale said. “Last week, we started doing the verification right up on the stage."

Owners said they’ll continue to adapt, one week at a time.

“There's a lot more that goes into this game instead of just tickets and people buying tickets, this game has basically taken on a life of its own,” Natale said.

The staff said they’re still keeping up and continuing to learn as they go.

The drawing will be Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. at Grayton Road.