How you can avoid becoming a carjacking victim

While some arrests have been made, the wave of carjacking hasn't stopped.

64 days, 6 carjackings.

It's becoming a big problem for police and the people that live, work and shop in the city of Lakewood.

No one is sure why, but carjackings are definitely up.

Carjackings could be considered a crime of opportunity, so stop making yourself a target and pay attention. That means get your face out of your phone, open your eyes and be aware of your surroundings. If you're walking to your car across a lot, don't hit the unlock button from 40 feet away, alerting a potential thief of your car and location. Unlock as soon as you get to it, then get in, lock the doors and keep those windows up.

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The massive amount of carjackings in Lakewood have prompted Mayor Michael Summers to tweet and the city to post carjacking safety tips on the city's website.

Over the weekend, two men carjacked a guy who had just parked his car near Mathews and Detroit. The man found a sheriff's deputy who called 911.

We also recently spoke with a woman who was a victim of carjacking. We're calling her "Amy" to protect her identity.

"I was recently car jacked at gunpoint," she begins. "I really feared for my life I thought he was going to shoot me."

She says the event changed her life forever.

"I realize now it can happen to anyone it can happen where you think you are safe, all these carjackings that are happening now that are in broad daylight. Please, please be aware of your surroundings, never ever take your life for granted because they don't care."

Amy says when you get in your car, get going. When you get out, check your surroundings and beeline for your location. "Don't spend time sitting in your car in a parking lot, your driveway, a doctors office," she cautions.

While some arrests have been made, the wave of carjacking hasn't stopped.

"I just wish there was a support group for people of carjackings because with the amount that's going on right now, we could probably have a group," says Amy.

Police stress that if you're facing a gun, do not resist. Your car and phone are property that can be replaced.

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Your life can't.