Prescription drug disposal boxes to be installed at Tri-C

The effort is a response to the recent opioid crisis.

Cuyahoga Community College announced today it will install prescription drug disposal boxes on its campuses by the end of the month to allow for students and faculty a safe method of discarding unused medications.

The Cuyahoga County Sheriff's office will be in charge of emptying the boxes and getting rid of the drugs. The effort is a collaboration from both the sheriff's office and campus police in response to the recent opioid crisis.

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We are installing these boxes to help protect our College and the community,” Tri-C Police Lt. Thomas McMillan said in a statament. “We want individual community members, students, faculty and staff to have a safe place to dispose of unwanted prescription medication.”

The boxes will be located at the Cleveland, Highland Hills, Parma, and Westlake Campuses. Any solid medication (pills, capsules, skin patches, etc.) can be disposed of in the containers, but needles, liquids, or biohazardous materials should not be left inside.