Spring is around the corner, but we have to get through this weather first

It's hard to stay away from the treacherous roads, but truck drivers ask us all to think before we drive, as they do the same.

If you don’t have to be on the road, avoid it.

But when you can’t, you have to be smart about it.

Welcome to the life of a truck driver.

After decades of being behind the wheel, Andrew Riley said he’s seen some of the worst days.

"Probably Minnesota in the winter time, those people should move,” Riley said.

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Doesn’t seem too hard: drive slow, be cautious, don’t follow too closely when the weather looks like a white out but it seems every year, common sense goes out of the window.

"You see them all the time every winter, you got the people that think they can drive the same speed, even in this weather and they wonder why they go in the ditch,” Riley said.

"I've seen one down on the road, FedEx and Swift got tangled up together, they kind of went in a ditch,” Ron Lewis, truck driver, said. "It happens."

With the right training and the right precautions, maybe big rig accidents won’t happen so often.

"You got a lot of them that are brand new to driving and they put in conditions like this and it's just a rough situation,” Riley said.

In certain situations, truck drivers choose to put their common sense before their formal training.

"I've had a lot of occasions where I've had to call my dispatcher and tell them I'm not going anywhere,” Riley said.

“It's not worth taking a chance,” Lewis said.

It’s not only for their safety but for yours, that they give us this warning.

“I have 80,000 pounds here, I can't stop on a dime, if you cut over and start slipping and sliding there's nothing I can do if you're in front of me and I can't stop,” Riley said.

It’s a warning we get every year and it’s always good to be reminded.

Here’s one more reminder: spring is only 11 days away!