6 years after Chardon school shooting, Danny Parmertor lives on through scholarships

To honor their son Danny, the Parmertors have helped send 24 kids from Chardon to college since 2013.

Six years ago, February 27, 2012, a gunman shot five students at Chardon High School -- killing three.

Since then, the story of hope has been growing in one of the victim’s names.

It’s the story of how Danny Parmertor's family is making sure his legacy lives on.

His mom, Dina, still struggles with what to call February 27th.

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"I think about Danny every single day. Every minute," Dina tells Channel 3 News from her Chardon home, where memories of Danny are everywhere.

There is no way Dina will ever call it an "anniversary." It’s the day her son went to school and didn't come home.

"I have no idea how it has been 6 years. I see February 27th, 2012," Dina says, keeping real the pain and loss she will always feel.

2 other students were shot and killed that day at Chardon High School. More were injured.

"It was heartbreaking," Sarah Rich says from her home in Painesville.

Sarah was Danny's classmate.

"I was shocked because people I spent every day with are gone or seriously hurt,” says Rich.

Sarah was in Danny's computer program at Auburn Career Center.

"He loved video games. He loved computers," Rich remembers.

That’s why the Parmertors have been sending students like Sarah, who have that same passion for technology, to college.

"He was such a good soul and I feel like by doing good work, you kind of carry on his name," says Rich.

Since 2013, The Parmertors have helped send 24 good kids from Chardon to learn the trade Danny loved.

$139,000 in scholarship money and counting.

Dina tears up when she says, "They've all said I want to make you proud. I want to make Danny proud. It’s touching."

"It’s amazing how much good could come out of something so bad," Sarah says, pointing out she is on her way to being a graphic design art teacher.

"So many people at Auburn Career Center loved Danny. He still lives on through the scholarship and through all the people he helps and touches," Rich says.

"It helped me so much. I can't imagine what he's going to do for future generations. He is definitely living on through many people today," Rich believes she speaks for other scholarship recipients.

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As for the Parmertors, Sarah says, “I would always consider them family. They are great people. It’s amazing they are able to help as many as they did through something so tragic. I can't imagine the pain they feel every day but knowing a legacy is living on, a good one," says Rich.

The 6th annual Danny Parmertor Memorial Fund Raffle is March 23rd.