Racist cell phone video at local high school basketball game goes viral

A video with 5 hurtful words taken at a local basketball game is spreading like wildfire on social media.

A video taken at a local high school basketball game has gone viral after a student's racist comment.

It sounded like copycat racism, you could say.

“Coolest Monkeys in the Jungle” is what the Lake Catholic student says.

It’s also what H & M recently printed on t shirts, to a firestorm of controversy, modeled by an African American boy.

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5 hurtful words, this time at a basketball game with rival Villa Angela St. Joes.

5 words that took just seconds to say on Saturday, and it's still spreading like wildfire on social media.

Hurtful words that Lake Catholic High School Principal Mark Crowley calls “unacceptable."

"It's really not indicative of the student body at Lake Catholic," says Crowley.

Crowley calls it a teachable moment, because of what they stand up for and live by daily at Lake Catholic.

"We were angry." VASJ Principal David Csank's next word was disappointed...on 2 fronts. "Make a comment like that, not only make it but post it as well,” said Csank.

Crowley says the impact of it all is a loud and clear lesson to be learned.

“Absolutely it’s a teachable moment for the young men involved and for the entire school. It’s an opportunity to say we don't condone disrespectful conduct of any kind," said Crowley.

While everyone's opinion was splattered all over social media, VASJ found a teachable moment in it all as well.

"We're a Catholic School. We are Christians and taught to forgive"

"Our mission is to model our lives after Christ. Our core values are respect, compassion, and personal integrity. We want to weave that fabric into everything they do," said Crowley of Lake Catholic students.