Bald eagle lays two eggs in Avon Lake nest

We will likely see the eaglets around early April.

Avon Lake is currently on baby bird watch after a bald eagle laid two eggs in its nest outside Redwood Elementary School this week.

Principal T.J. Ebert says the mother likely laid her first egg on Sunday evening, followed by the second on Wednesday. It typically takes 36-38 days for the eggs to hatch, meaning we should see eaglets around early April.

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This is not the first time an eagle has laid her eggs near Redwood, and back in 2015 the school set up the Avon Lake Eagle Cam to give viewers a live look at the birds' progress. The live feed is back this year, and you can watch it below.

Fittingly, the students at Redwood are also getting in on the fun, naming the mother and father bald eagles "Stars" and "Stripes."