GoFundMe started to re-open Geauga Lake

The GoFundMe campaign is part of an ambitious $350 million dollar project.

A Cleveland businessman is trying to bring back a piece of Northeast Ohio history.

Brian Roote has started a GoFundMe page to re-open Geauga Lake.

Roote writes on the page: Geauga Lake was a landmark amusement park located in Aurora, Ohio. Although it changed hands numerous times throughout its lifetime - it currently sits vacant, wasted away by time. Many childhood summers were spent at Geauga Lake between 1887 and 2007, but now developers plan on dividing up the land and selling them off as private housing developments. With a land so historically dedicated to Amusement - this seems like a Sin.

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He's hoping to raise $20 million dollars through GoFundMe as part of an ambitious $350 million dollar project. According to Roote, the $20 million dollars would be used to acquire the land.

So far, the campaign has raised a total of just over $400 in its first three days.

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Geauga Lake closed back in September of 2007.