Lorain County woman to compete for 'World's Strongest Man'

She can barely walk some days. Now she’s set to take the WORLD STAGE to compete for WORLD'S STRONGEST MAN!

She can barely walk some days.

Now she’s set to take the WORLD STAGE to compete for the title of WORLD'S STRONGEST MAN!

Say What?

It’s Holly Miller's See The Possible story.

The 38-year-old mom and Special Ed teacher is bad ass…but don't tell her body.

"I should be like 80-years-old with how bad my bones are in my body," says Miller.

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Metal brackets and screws hold her spine together. Psoriatic arthritis means her joints are sore, inflamed, stiff and swollen.

So what does she do?

For starters, she tethers herself to a truck and pulls! Inching it along behind her.

She can dead lift a 150 pound ball and flip 300 pound tires. Why? Because she can.

“It’s an addiction for me. Working out, lifting weights, I feel better.”

It’s what helped Miller take first place in a Columbus competition in May which is now her ticket to "The World’s Strongest Disabled Man Competition" in London in September.

It’s the first time American WOMEN are competing in the event. Just 3 of them, including our very own Holly Miller from Lorain, Ohio.

Disciplined, determined and strong.

Even though her day starts in pain, Holly puts it in its place.

"Sometimes I really have to reach deep into myself to get out of bed and function in the morning," says Miller.

She’s a mamma to a toddler, and on a mission not let her disability define her.

"I'm going to be in pain anyway so I might as well work out, throw heavy weights around and have fun and be an inspiration to other women and people with disabilities and to my daughter," says Miller.

And with that, the beautiful cream puff part of tough heavyweight Holly sprung a little leak from her eyes.

"A lot of people don't look at people who have disabilities and take them seriously. Sometimes they just see their disability.

Sometimes they make all of our excuses look really lame.

Sometimes they See the Possible...and go get it..

"I live my own possibilities. I don't live someone else’s. Get out of bed. Suck it up and do it," says Miller.

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Are you inspired? Imagine what an inspiration Holly Miller is to her Special Ed classes at Amherst Steele High School.

September 3rd is the World's Strongest Disabled Man competition.

It's expensive to get to London, but just look at what Holly has invested.

Want to help send Holly on her way? https://www.youcaring.com/hollymiller-854079