Verify: Are ice baths good for your health?

Ice,Ice, Bath?

While polar plunges serve as a thrill for some during the winter months, culturally, the act of putting your body in icy is pretty common.

There's a perception among some that ice baths, getting in a tub of ice is good for you.

Athletes are most often seen using ice baths after a games or workouts, but is that frigid water, in fact, healthy?

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WKYC consulted with Cleveland Clinic Sports Medicine and orthopedic physician at the Cleveland Clinic Dr. Dominic Kin to find out whether or not ice baths have any health benefits.

Cold water submersions claim to help depression, fat burning, skin and hair, and boost the immune system.

Most commonly, the ice baths are used by athletes that hope to ease sore muscles, reduce pain, and to improve circulation to treat inflammation.

Officials also warn that there is always a chance for hypothermia. It can cause nerve pain, arthritis, and those with heart disease or high blood pressure may want to avoid taking a dip in frigid temperatures.


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