Farmers' Almanac predicts rough winter ahead

Enjoy the last part of summer while you can, because this winter will be 'cold, dry, wet, and wild,' according to the 2018 Farmers' Almanac. 

The 2018 edition of the Farmers' Almanac is out this week, and it predicts a rough winter ahead.

The publication called the 2017-2018 winter "The Cold, The Dry, The Wet and the Wild" on their winter outlook page.

The east coast, especially the northeast, will be getting most of the coldest weather. The Great Lakes area and the northeast should expect more snow than usual and normal winter temperatures.

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The southeast, in contrast will see below normal winter temperatures and an uptick in precipitation. Don't forget your umbrella at home!

The most interesting prediction from the scientists at the Farmers' Almanac targets the southern part of the Great Plains, where Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma meet. People living in the area should expect wild swings in the weather over the winter, from very warm to cold, or from clear to stormy.

The Farmers' Almanac is celebrating their 200th anniversary this year. If you're wondering whether or not any of these predictions are accurate, sources at the organization have claimed an accuracy rate of 80%. According to their website, their scientists use the moon and its motions and influences on the tides for their weather forcasts.