LeBron James Family Foundation treats parents to party after GED graduation

Through the 'I Promise' program for kids, the LeBron James Family Foundation saw an unmet need and created I Promise Too for parents. 

In most families, parents beam with pride as they watch their children don a cap and gown to receive their high school diploma. But sometimes, it's the other way around. Dozens of kids watched their parents graduate on Wednesday night thanks to the LeBron James Family Foundation.

Emily Ross' four daughters look up to her. Now, being like mom means graduating from high school.

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"I've talked to them and told them it's much easier when you don't have to struggle with a job and juggle family and sports activities for kids," said Ross.

The 38-year-old dropped out as a teen. She tried once before to earn her GED, but this time she had the support the LeBron James Family Foundation.

“Just knowing that they were supporting me made all the difference," said Ross.

Through the I Promise program for kids, the Foundation saw an unmet need. They created I Promise Too for parents. The Foundation pays for the GED process and provides laptops and support for adults like 35-year-old Kendra Jones who has four kids.

"I love showing them that I made it and if I can they can too," she said.

Jones has already moved onto college at Stark State and is studying to be an occupational therapist.

After completing their GEDs and walking during a ceremony, the LJFF held a party for the group at The Hilton Akron-Fairlawn.

A life lesson that it's never too late to work hard, accomplish your goals and reap the rewards.