Young athletes improve their game at new Avon training facility

T3 Performance specializes in training student athletes, but even the pros train there too

A new facility in Avon is helping athletes improve their performance, from little league all the way up through the pros.

Last November, T3 Performance opened in their new 56,000-square-foot training space, making it the largest indoor athletic training facility in Ohio.

Launched in 2009, T3 Performance specializes in training student athletes as young as 6 year old, offering team training, small groups and individual coaching.

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"We've always tried to create an environment that enriching for these kids lives, not just their sports" says James DiBiasio, a performance coach at the facility.

Training is offered for a wide variety of sports including football, baseball, laacrosse, weight lifting, soccer, softball, hockey, rugby, track and field, just to name a few.

The staff says the lessons learned go beyond the playing field. They hope the training instills higher confidence and enhanced work ethics.

"It's more than just about beating the competitor, or even the athletic part," says Jeff Sudbrook, general manager. "It's really about the other kinds of benefits."

The student training areas includes an indoor Astroturf playing field that's approximately 35,000 square feet, as well as free weights, 4 batting cages, 2 bullpens, and a Woodway treadmill - a harnessed cardio machine that can handle sprints up to 25 miles per hour.

A separate adult training area has open gym hours seven days a week and includes cardio machines, weight training, group fitness classes, personal training, and corporate fitness sessions.

Perhaps the best amenity is the staff, as all coaches have Bachelor's degree in their given fields, and many are even professional players themselves.

T3 also has a partnership with University Hospitals to provide support for their physical therapy and sports medicine patients.

"We don't want people to think we're just for premiere athletes" says Sudbrook. "This facility is available to everybody."

Firefighters, police officers, military veteran and parents of T3 student athletes even receive a discount on monthly membership.

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For more information on T3 Performance, visit here.