Kyrie Irving on a potential reunion with LeBron James: 'Anything can happen'

'You never know,' Irving added.

On Sunday night, LeBron James and Kyrie Irving will reunite as teammates when they take the court at the Staples Center as members of 'Team LeBron' in the NBA All-Star Game.

But could another reunion between the Cleveland Cavaliers' former dynamic duo happen down the line? Irving isn't ruling it out.

"I mean, in professional sports, anything can happen," Irving said during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday. "So, you never know."

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While a James-Irving reunion still seems far from likely, such comments from Irving would have been hard to fathom mere months ago. After spending three seasons as teammates in Cleveland from 2014-2017, the duo went through a messy breakup last summer when Irving requested to be traded from the Cavs before eventually landing with the Boston Celtics.

According to multiples rumors and reports, one of the biggest reasons for Irving's Cleveland exit was due to his rocky relationship with James, which resulted in some not-so-subtle sniping between the All-Star pair on social media.

Nevertheless, James, who received the most fan votes of any All-Star this season, selected Irving to Team LeBron in what was the first players draft in All-Star Game history. Irving told Kimmel the pair has spoken since the draft, although the 5-time All-Star laughed when asked if he thinks James selected him with the first pick.

"Probably in my mind, I'd like to say I went No. 1," Irving said with a smile. "In actuality, probably not."

Regardless of where he was picked, Irving will suit up in the same colored jersey as James on Sunday night for the first time since the Cavs' Game 5 loss in the 2017 NBA Finals.

As for if that will ever happen again outside of the All-Star Game, it still seems hard to believe, but as Irving pointed out on Thursday, you can never say "never" in the world of sports.