Experts: Bright lights seen from airliner not UFO

A video being shared on social media of strange bright lights shot from an airliner around Taiwan has not baffled experts.

The video was not filming a UFO, said three different engineers and scientists who provided alternate explanations to The Associated Press, including ships, reflections or birds.

Former space shuttle engineer James Oberg, who looks into claims of unidentified objects, said this one "is not even one of the more tantalizing ones."

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A story shared widely on newsbreakapp about the 2014 video - reporting a "fleet" of UFOS seen flying under a plane - claims that UFO enthusiasts and debunkers can't find an alternative explanation. Not really.

"Nature and human activities provide a numerous variety of explanations, most of which these investigators (who posted the video) never even thought of," Oberg said.

Even UFO believers offer explanations. The video was posted on a couple of bulletin boards for diehard UFO believers and several of them offered alternatives to flying saucers.