Verify: Are some cities facing salt shortages?

Have your roads felt more slick lately?

As winter storms continue to roll through Northeast Ohio, it's imperative that roads get cleared for safe travel.

On Wednesday, after many questioned whether their roads got enough salt, WKYC set out to find the answer.

In the past few years, most cities had more salt than they needed with Northeast Ohio seeing such mild winters.

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However, this year's morning commutes have often been plagues with slick and slushy road conditions.

City officials don't want to see the roads in poor shape, but say they don't have a choice.

WKYC visited Cargill to verify supply levels.

In a statement, the business confirmed that there was a supply shortage:

"With the number of winter snowstorms recently, Cargill has seen a surge of road salt orders that have temporarily constrained our inventory.We are sorry for any delayed shipments and are working as quickly and safely as we can to produce and ship more product."

The salt shortage is indeed, verified.


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