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Denise Polverine, 3News Director of Digital Content and Strategy

Denise Polverine is the Director of Digital at wkyc studios in Cleveland, Ohio, specializing in the station's digital and social content strategy on all platforms.

Denise Polverine currently serves as Digital Director at WKYC and Regional Digital Director at WKYC’s parent company, TEGNA, working with seven other TEGNA stations on their digital strategies. As audience viewing habits change rapidly, Denise is working on strategies that meet the audience where it is now and where it will be, all while driving viewers back to television. This requires not only staying up on the latest trends and technologies, but leading a team of digital producers who are focused on being ahead of and anticipating trends, technologies and content. Denise is also on TEGNA's Sports Leadership Team where she and five other leaders in the company are helping to shape sports reporting and coverage innovation on all platforms.

Prior to WKYC, Denise was the Editor-in-Chief and Director of Digital Operations at cleveland.com for 17 years. In her role at cleveland.com, she worked closely with The Plain Dealer and Sun News to transition from solely focusing on distributing content in print, to telling stories and engaging on digital and social platforms and making news a two-way conversation. Digital is critical for journalists to engage and take full advantage of all platforms and technologies to reach and include the audience in storytelling. People want to feel part of something and be given the same access journalists have to events, people and news.

During Denise's time with cleveland.com, she worked closely with editors and reporters to gain their trust and help create loyalty-building content. An area of focus for Denise in her career has been sports. This is an area of passion for our Northeast Ohio community and an area that reporters and editors are usually first to adapt to new trends, storytelling techniques, engagement and technology. It is a competitive field and reporters quickly understand that it’s not the hits, runs and errors that get the attention, but the conversation, moments of greatness and defeat, and of course the characters. It’s visual, it’s conversational and it’s the common thread among a wide number of people in any given community. Perfect skills to adapt to any topic i.e., news, politics, entertainment, sports, lifestyle.

Denise started her career as an intern at WEWS, News 5 in Cleveland, then moved to WEOL, then WTAM, WOIO when it was Fox and located on Shaker Square, WQHS TV 61, then off to NYC as a reporter and Anchor at Time Inc. New Media and New York 1, which is Channel 1 in New York City, where she anchored the Fortune Business Report and reported personal finance stories. Denise then moved back home to Cleveland in the late 90’s when cleveland.com was just starting up. Denise started with cleveland.com as Community Editor and then within her first year became Editor-in-Chief. Denise then wanted to come full circle with her career and go back to broadcasting while still focusing on digital journalism, thus the transition to WKYC TV 3 in Cleveland, all the while stressing that all journalism and storytelling is digital, mobile and a conversation.

Contact Denise Polverine at dpolverine@wkyc.com and follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.