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Dominic Ferrante, 3News Multi-Skilled Journalist

Dominic Ferrante is a Multi-Skilled Journalist at wkyc studios in Cleveland, Ohio.
Credit: 3 News

Dominic Ferrante has lived his entire life on the east side of Cleveland. After a short time in Mayfield, he moved out to Chardon and has lived there ever since. Dominic is most supported by his mother and father, two younger twin brothers and an older sister. After attending Chardon High school and graduating in 2016, Dominic continued his education at Bowling Green State University.

While at BG, Dominic worked for the on-campus news station as an anchor and reporter. Dominic also worked at the local PBS station as a production assistant for a variety of different shoots. While working for PBS, Dominic’s favorite position was working floor camera for the BGSU men’s basketball games.

Dominic graduated from BGSU in 2020 with a B.S in Media and Communication and a minor in Journalism. While finishing his senior year at BG, Dominic started working as an intern with WKYC. He was ultimately hired on as a part-time photographer working the weekend morning shift, commuting back and forth from BG to Cleveland to work. 

After a short period working part-time, Dominic was hired full-time at WKYC as a photojournalist. While working as a photographer, Dominic has started to expand his career as a reporter. Dominic's talents as a photographer and editor have earned him three Emmy nominations. 

In his free time Dominic loves spending time with his dogs and girlfriend, Morgan. If not there, Dominic can be found on the bike path or flying his drone.

Dominic is excited to get to know more of those from Cleveland and the exciting chance to tell their story.

Contact Dominic Ferrante at dferrante@wkyc.com.