Hollie Strano grew up in Cleveland. She's from Lyndhurst, attended St. Clare grade school, NDCL High School and later graduated from John Carroll University. She also went on to complete meteorology coursework from Mississippi State University and received her NWA Seal.

Her favorite things include inspiring others, Christmas, multi-colored twinkle lights, sunshine, candles, chocolate, cheeseburgers and nachos. She often jokes that she's a "pretend chef" and shares her love of cooking throughout our newscast -- including her role hosting Live on Lakeside. Her positivity is contagious!

Hollie lives on the east side, and has two children, Jessica and Grady, plus her fur baby, Otis.

"I love what I do for a living, but my absolute favorite job of all time is being a mom! I think Dorothy says it best in the Wizard of Oz ... "'There's no place like home!'"

Cleveland Magazine named Hollie one of "Cleveland's most interesting people" for 2005

Contact Hollie Strano at hstrano@wkyc.com and follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.