New movie Baby Driver takes audiences on a wild ride and re-invents the musical.

"Baby" is a young getaway driver who executes unbelievable maneuvers while listening to a constant stream of music.

The soundtrack helps drown out his tinnitus, and literally steers the movie.

Most of the cast’s movements were choreographed and set to the music playing in his earbuds.

"If there wasn't dialogue, there'd be playback that we could all hear. And if there was dialogue, we had to have it in our ears in some way, just so we know we're all on the same page,” said actor Jon Hamm.

One single-shot scene required 28 takes.

Director Edgar Wright also spent time interviewing ex-cons before writing the script.

“In a couple of cases, they became sources of long friendship,” he said. “One of them actually became the technical advisor on the movie, and plays a cameo as well, he's one of the security guards in the post office."

It all helped create a movie with mind-blowing chase scenes, unexpected twists, and darkly funny dialogue.

Baby Driver is rated R and comes out on DVD and Blu-ray on October 10.

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