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Drew Carey wins more than $55,000 for the Greater Cleveland Food Bank during appearance on "Celebrity Wheel of Fortune"

The famous Clevelander even was able to win the first toss-up puzzle of the game.
Drew Carey hosts 'The Price is Right'

CLEVELAND — Drew Carey is once again giving back to the city that raised him. 

The comedian and host of The Price Is Right recently made an appearance on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune and managed to win some big-bucks for his local charity of choice.

"Well it's the Greater Cleveland Food Bank, and I'm from Cleveland, and you know, there's a pandemic going on. There's a lot of people out of work and food banks need help," Carey told host, Pat Sajak, during his appearance on the show. "So, support your local food bank, and I'm going to support my local food bank." 

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The former star of The Drew Carey Show was able to successfully solve the first toss-up puzzle of the show, moving just quickly enough to beat out competitors including Desperate Housewives' Teri Hatcher, and This is Us star Chrissy Metz. 

The famous Clevelander even made it to one of the two final bonus rounds and came narrowly close to winning an additional $75,000 for the Cleveland charity. Unfortunately, the comedian wasn't able to solve the puzzle in time, and after the answer was revealed, said he was "ashamed" for not getting it soon enough. 

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That's when Sajak reminded him that there was nothing to be ashamed of and that he had already won more than $35,000 for the foodbank, at that point in the show. 

"Ashamed? $36,350 for the Greater Cleveland Food Bank. Nice job, Drew," Sajak said during the episode.

In total, Carey won $55,550 for the Northeast Ohio-nonprofit, and of course, made everyone at home proud. 

You go, Drew!

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