For over 20 years, the music of O.A.R. has fueled crowds across the country. 

From hits like Shattered, Love and Memories, and Crazy Game of Poker, they have played and sold out the biggest stages in the world. 

One thing in common at each concert: beer. 

"A big part of the O.A.R. culture at our shows is people coming out with their friends, enjoying their time together," said Jerry DePizzo. "Tailgating is a big part of that so we wanted to compliment the experience." 

The band has now teamed up with Great Lakes Brewing Company to brew 'The Mighty Lager'. It's an Amber Lager named after their ninth studio album, 'The Mighty', released earlier this year. 

Great Lakes will start canning the beer Monday, and it'll be available to the public Tuesday. 

A Northeast Ohio O.A.R. fan will join Great Lakes for the first canning.

For saxophone player and Youngstown native DePizzo, working with Great Lakes hits close to home. 

"My first experience with Great Lakes was someone brought the Christmas Ale over to our house years ago and it was treated like a rare commodity and currency," laughed DePizzo. "People were freaking out about it. I knew we were on to a good thing when we were able to speak with the Great Lakes folks." 

The guys of O.A.R. knew they had something special well before they were even legal to drink. Their first gig was the eighth grade talent show in Rockville, Maryland. 

Following that, guitarist Richard On, bassist Benj Gershman, drummer Chris Culos and lead singer Marc Roberge all attended The Ohio State University. There, they met saxophone player DePizzo. It was in Ohio where their signature feel good vibe captivated audiences. They attribute much of their early success to Cleveland. One of their earliest shows was at Peabody's in the Flats back in 2000. 

"Cleveland was really one of the first cities we went to that really reached to and had something special going," says DePizzo. "We say O.A.R. was born in Maryland but raised in Ohio." 

Now the group is excited to be brewing with Great Lakes in Cleveland. 

"To tie it all together with a brewery that really takes their craft so seriously, as much as we take our music seriously but also knows how to have a really good time," Gershman said. "We've been really fortunate to brew all of this together and we are really excited about the 'Mighty Lager.'"

You can also see O.A.R. on June 25, when they play at Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica. 

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