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Greater Cleveland Aquarium celebrates 'fin-tastic' moms for Mother's Day

Think you're tired? Moms in the animal kingdom are sometimes caring for hundreds of babies!

CLEVELAND — Humans honor Mother's Day each year by recognizing all the hardworking mommas out there.

But don't forget about the fierce moms in the animal world!

That's why this weekend, the Greater Cleveland Aquarium is giving a nod to its "fin-tastic" moms who live there.

There's a variety of ways animals give birth—cloning, live birth, egg scattering and egg laying with a nest.

And, did you know it is far more common for aquatic species not to give parental care post birth, than to be an attentive parent? But, there are some exceptions.

Lionfish give birth to thousands of offspring a year, in hopes that a lot will survive. Due to that strategy, they are an invasive species from the coast of Maine to the Gulf of Mexico. Animal experts say they most likely came from people's personal aquariums amid Hurricane Andrew.

Tickets to the aquarium are sold out this weekend, but come Monday! Doors are open until 6pm.

And, in honor of Mother's Day, you can get a 10% discount on an annual pass. Just use MOMPASS10 to apply.

For a discount on a live, interactive family family program online, just use VIRTUAL10 for 10% off.

Need more information? Click HERE.

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